You’ve got mail

August 31, 2010. Category: bridal party gifts, Invitations

It’s true, I don’t believe in Evites. I just love paper too much…that was until I saw these super chic email invites. They are also available in real printed versions if you can’t imagine not putting your invitations in the snail mail. Before your next fete make sure check out Iomoi. Here’s a little hint if you come to my next party, they also have fabulous hostess gifts

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Paradise Found

August 19, 2010. Category: honeymoon

One of our favorite brides has been searching high and low for the perfect honeymoon spot in the Caribbean. She had a few perameters (not too expensive, some adventure and some relaxation and an authentic island vibe). Well, I think she found it. This is the AMAZING Peninsula House in the Dominican Republic. With only 6 rooms this luxury property would be the perfect place to reconnect with your new husband. Or in my case, your old one!

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Rain Rain Go Away

August 13, 2010. Category: favors

I write this on a REALLY rainy day. Well, all of that rain got me thinking about my cure for rainy wedding days- cute umbrellas. I swear that if you buy super cute umbrellas for your wedding it won’t rain. Ok, it might rain but the photos will still be adorable! Check out these to-die-for ones from Yup, we are makin’ it rain over here.

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How sweet it is

August 01, 2010. Category: favors

Now that vacation is over I am beyond excited for fall wedding season!!

With that in mind, I can a great, new, budget-friendly find. I may sound like a broken record, but I just LOVE french macarons. NOT the American-style haystacks of coconut macaroons. The macarons I adore are delicate almond sandwich cookies filled with buttercream, fruit preserves or chocolate ganache.
They are the perfect favor wrapped in a cello bag and ribbon or a wonderful addition to a dessert display. Until now, these fabulous confections have been tough to find at a reasonable price. Albert Uster the wholesaler of baking supplies carries them for only .85 cents each! You will have to buy at least 288 of them, but they will be gone in no time- trust me.
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