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December 16, 2014. Category: diy, how to

Now that most of your wedding details are set, it’s time to inform your family and friends!

Your first means of communication are save-the-dates. These are crucial for your guests as it will inform them of the date and venue(s) for your wedding. Your guests can then make arrangements ahead of time so they are able to be in attendance on your special day.

Of course, there are more details of the wedding that the guests will need to know. Some of this information will be on the invitations that you will later send out, but many engaged couples have been creating a wedding website as another form of communication.

A couple’s wedding website is a place guests can go to locate any and all information about the wedding or wedding weekend events.

As wedding websites are being used more frequently by couples, it is important to remember the website’s purpose while creating it.

Here are a few DOs and DONTs that will help keep you on track while creating your wedding website:

DO: Add your website’s url to the save-the-dates

DON’T: Populate your website until the save-the-dates are officially sent out

DO: Include the following information – wedding date, venues, directions to venues, hotel information (hotel blocks or suggested nearby hotels), and a link to your wedding registry

DON’T: Include too much extraneous information – i.e. birthdays, fun facts, information on all bridal party members

With that in mind, here are our favorite sites that assist couples in creating their unique and informative wedding website:

Wedding JoJo

Squarespace Weddings

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Happy Chanukah!

December 16, 2014. Category: holidays

Congratulations Meghan and Chad!

December 15, 2014. Category: anniversary, decor, uncategorized, weddings

Happy First Anniversary!

December 11, 2014. Category: anniversary, destination wedding, weddings

Wishing Alexis and Tim a very happy first Anniversary!



We cannot believe it has been an entire year since your beautiful wedding in Jamaica.

Wishing you a marriage filled with love and happiness.

Photography courtesy of James Christiansen

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Wedding Day Essentials

December 11, 2014. Category: details, diy, how to, inspiration, weddings

In a perfect world, your wedding day would go exactly according to plan. In reality, there is bound to be at least a tiny bump in the road. We find the best way to have a smooth and relaxed wedding day is to be prepared for any minor details that could go wrong.

Here are the items that we consider to be essential to pack for your wedding day:

First Aid: bandaids, aspirin, antacid, eye drops, and tampons

Beauty: hair pins, deodorant, hair spray, concealer, powder, lip gloss/ chap stick/ lip stick, dental floss, and perfume

Oops!: small scissors, tissues, small sewing kit, lint roller, stain remover, safety pins, double sided fashion tape, and krazy glue

Food/ Drink: small mess-free snack (like a granola bar), water, and mints

Image credit to the Keep Calm-O-Matic

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