Have a Great and Wonderful Easter!

April 18, 2014. Category: decor, holidays, inspiration

Happy Passover!

April 14, 2014. Category: holidays, traditions

We wish you all joy and many blessings at Passover and throughout the year!

Happy Passover!


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Bottoms Up!

April 11, 2014. Category: details, diy, inspiration, traditions

While none of the ladies of A. Dominick Events are technically Southern, we enjoy a good Southern tradition every now and then (we are south of the Mason Dixon you know). One of our very favorite superstitions is the time honor tradition of burying the bourbon. Southern folklore states that if you bury a full bottle of bourbon upside down exactly one month before the wedding at the exact spot of the ceremony it will not rain on your wedding day.

Don’t believe us? The last time one of our couples buried a bottle Tropical Storm Andrea hit the day before their tented wedding on the Chesapeake Bay. While we suffered through a soggy rehearsal, the wedding day was crystal clear, not a cloud in the sky.

My favorite part of this tradition? Digging up the bottle and enjoying it with your guests of course!

Photo credit: Paul Morse

So all of you outdoor brides, grab your shovel and bottoms up!

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What Flowers are in Season?

April 09, 2014. Category: decor, Flowers, inspiration, weddings

Having trouble deciding over an overwhelming amount of flower options?  Getting married next spring?

We have gathered the best picks for April to help you out!


Calla Lilies



Cherry Blossom

Happy Planning!

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Tea and Tulips 2014

April 07, 2014. Category: uncategorized

We are so excited to announce our upcoming fundraising event on April 13: Tea and Tulips to benefit the Little Sisters of the Poor! Tea and Tulips is a lovely charity event we have been a part of since its inception nine years ago. The afternoon consists of a chance to win 16 different raffle prizes, afternoon sandwiches, wine and of course, tea!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 11.10.05 AM

If you would like to join us on April 13th and help raise money for the Little Sisters of the Poor, you can purchase a ticket here! The event takes place from 3pm-5pm at Columbia Country Club.

If you are interested in volunteering at Tea and Tulips, please send an email to Lauren Kohr, Lauren@adominick.com.

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