5 Topics All Couples Have to Discuss Before the Wedding Planning Begins

March 10, 2017. Category: A. Dominick Events Team, advice, wedding planner, wedding tips, weddings

Though she is often behind the scenes are thrilled to see our very own Aimee Dominick featured on BRIDES today with a set of five tried-and-true questions you’ll want to discuss as soon as possible that are guarenteed to make the whole wedding-planning process a little bit easier!

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Whether you start planning your wedding the second you get engaged or opt to wait a few weeks as you practice introducing your boyfriend as your fiancé, there really is a right way to kick off the process—and it’s not by heading to the bridal salon to try on gowns! Instead, below are few questions you’ll need to answer together before you get down to the wedding details that will help set you up for success! {Below are her 5 tips as seen on BRIDES}

1. What is your budget?

“Whether or not you have a planner, you can’t make any decisions or hire any vendors without knowing what you want to spend,” says Dominick. Discuss what is realistic, based on what you’re able to contribute (as well as what any family members may be chipping in), and use that overall number to help guide you as you start to check off big-ticket items like venue rentals and catering.

2. What is your vision?

This is a fun one! “Compile images and inspiration that speak to the look you’re hoping to achieve,” Dominick suggests. These could be pictures from wedding websites, home-decor or fashion magazines, or destinations you really love. “We pride ourselves on creating an event that is authentic to the couple, so defining how you see your celebration early on will help dictate the details that are included throughout the planning process.”

3. What are your priorities?

In addition to how you want your wedding to look, you as a couple (and also as individuals within the couple) will have things you care about more than others. “Ask yourselves questions about what matters most, whether it’s a specific live band or photographer, as well as what matters less. Knowing where you’re comfortable spending less (such as choosing simple save-the-dates instead of an elaborate design) will allow you to budget more money for the things you really care about,” Dominick explains.

4. What are your family dynamics?

Though not directly related to the look of your wedding, having a grasp of your family dynamics will help you, your planner, and your vendors avoid causing any undue stress. For example, if your planner knows your parents are divorced and are not on good terms, she can make sure to seat them far enough apart, as well as help you figure out how to have planning conversations that won’t ruffle too many feathers.

5. Are you having a first look?

Discussing your first look before you start planning? Yup, it’s worth considering! “Knowing whether you’ll be taking photos before the ceremony or if you’re waiting to do them all once you’ve said ‘I do’ will impact the timing of your entire day,” says Dominick. It affects everything from how early your photographer should arrive to when your bouquet needs to be ready to when the first hair and makeup appointment should be scheduled. She makes a good point!

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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2016. Category: A. Dominick Events Team, New Year
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Happy Holidays

December 23, 2016. Category: A. Dominick Events Team, Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from A. Dominick Events

We look forward to planning your celebration in 2017!

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Be Thankful!

November 24, 2016. Category: A. Dominick Events Team, Thanksgiving

The Holidays, especially Thanksgiving is always a wonderful time to take a moment and reflect on what we are thankful for and reflect on the past year.

This year we thought it would be fun to ask our team what they are all thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Aimee: “I am incredibly thankful for the amazingly talented people that I get to work with everyday.  Without Cindy, Ashley and Debby I would not want to get out of bed in the morning.”

Cindy: “I am thankful for Disney World, my mom, the Denver Broncos, coworkers that I can laugh with and sometimes at, gin gimlets and champagne, cell phones with FaceTime, texting and unlimited data (see previous reference to my mom), Tieks, good health insurance and doctors, Starbucks and getting to spend everyday with Andrés.”

Ashley: “I’m thankful for healthy family, my stepsons, a job that I love that is new and exciting each day, my dogs who tolerate wearing sweaters and my husband, Jeff. Plus, I’m really thankful for all the opportunities I had last year to purchase new fonts. :)”

Debby: “I am thankful for my incredible family and family, endless laughs and great company with wonderful coworkers! A good bottle of red, black cashmere turtlenecks and getting to spend time with the ones I love the most over the holidays!

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10 things you may not know about Debby!

September 19, 2016. Category: A. Dominick Events Team

We thought it would be fun to continue to share a few fun facts about our team that you may not know!

Debby Fisher – Public Relations Manager

Debby Headshot

Photography: Erik Ekroth

1. I was born in Windhoek, Namibia and lived in South Africa until I was 11.

2. My favorite color is Green though many think it is Black.

3. You can almost always find me dressed monochromatically in either all black or all white.

4. I love to listen to french music, especially when I am cooking.

5. I studied abroad in Australia.

6. I learned to surf in Australia, though I have’t been on a surf board since.

7. I played Varsity Field Hockey in college, that is also where I met my husband.

8. I am really allergic bees, which is ironic because my name in hebrew means bee.

9. I love to reach fashion magazines and for some reason I read them back to front, always have.

10. I studied the Royal Academy Dance until I was 15 and danced at The Joffrey Ballet School during the Summer.

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