Shaken not Stirred

November 14, 2016. Category: bar, caterering, cocktail hour, details, real wedding, trends, wedding planner

We are big fans of cocktail hour especially at weddings as it is a great way to kick off the celebration and add a few personalized touches.

From a grand custom built bar in a ballroom, a nod to southern hospitality with a bourbon bar, to signature cocktails matching the couples personalities, the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few of our favorite cocktail hour ideas that you may want to try at your next soirée.


Bourbon Bar  Photography: Abby Jiu

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Personalized napkins  Photography: Bonnie Sen

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Signature cocktails  Photography: Bonnie Sen


Custom built bar  Photography: Abby Jiu

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This Little Piggy

March 02, 2011. Category: caterering, trends
As an event planner, I am often asked what the new wedding trend will be. While colors and flower ideas are usually what people are expecting, I sometimes see something less predictable on the horizon.  So it is with the seeming overwhelming obsession people have with bacon.  It is everywhere! And I mean everywhere.
From the unexpected yet safe items like Bacon Marmalade for a favor…
…to  Vosage‘s Bacon Chocolate bar.  I’ve had it and it is A-MAZ-ING!
And not to be outdone, bacon flavored vodka.  I’m not kidding.  It’s real and it makes fantastic bloody mary’s and a few crazy concoctions.  Check out  Bakon Vodka recipes here.
Maybe it’s not your mom’s idea of a wedding theme, but I bet your groom will love it.
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A moveable feast

March 10, 2010. Category: caterering, uncategorized

My favorite new event trend is the food truck. Not only is it a great surprise for your guests it is so easy to arrange. Just call the Fojol Brothers (known for their yummy Indian food and crazy uniforms) or Berliner (for classic Good Humor ice cream in a vintage truck) and they will come to your party, serve your guests and leave you with no clean up. Now that is the way to eat and run!

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I’ll drink to that

November 20, 2009. Category: caterering

It’s getting so that specialty drinks aren’t really special anymore- they are expected, even required. If you are looking for a way to set your big day apart think about dressing up that specialty cocktail. We found a few fun options from fancy straws to edible flowers and cocktail charms. Go ahead, shake things up!

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