10 things you may not know about Ashley!

June 08, 2016. Category: A. Dominick Events Team

This fun facts series about our team has been so fun to share! Here are few things you may not know about Ashley!


Ashley Allman- Event Planner of A. Dominick Events 

Photography: Vicki Grafton

1. I hate oranges – the smell, the taste, the texture. Everything, except the color.

 2. I prefer even numbers to odd, but multiples of 5 are ok. I like to set volume controls to even numbers and pump gas until an even dollar amount.

 3. I was president of my sorority in college. Yay, Tri-Sigma!

4. I love fonts, typography and calligraphy. One year for my birthday, I got a font as a present – and I loved it. (Archer from Hoefler-Frere Jones, check it out, it’s awesome) I have thousands of fonts and I love each and every one. Except comic sans. That one is dead to me.

 5. I’m a bit dog crazy. My dogs are the cutest and have a much larger Instagram following than I do. @penelopepuppy and @gatsbypuppy

6. When I was 2, my family moved to London. I had an English accent until we moved back when I was 5. We came back and stayed with family in Alabama and the accent was gone. My parents still have video tape of me reading books with my accent.

7. I burn my mouth on all hot foods and even some room temperature foods. It’s usually the second bite after I give up on waiting for it to cool.

8. I love Easter candy. Best candy holiday of the year, hands down. Love me some Cadbury mini eggs.

9. My brother is 6 years younger than me and I got blamed for everything as a child. Everything. Even when I was sitting right next to my parents, visibly innocent. Lucky for him, I remember every time and remind him of it at all relevant occasions.

 10. I’m basically a professional bridesmaid. I’ve been a bridesmaid 9 times and have the dresses to prove it: forest green, purple, celadon, mocha, black, grey and navy. It helped me hone my love for weddings and let my friends benefit from early stages of my event planning experience.

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