10 things you may not know about Cindy!

May 26, 2016. Category: A. Dominick Events Team

We wanted to continue sharing fun facts about our team that you may not know, so now it is Cindy’s turn!


Cindy Bastron- Senior Event Planner of A. Dominick Events 

Photography: Bonnie Sen

1. I don’t have my ears pierced

2. As a child I routinely received a jar of pickles as a birthday present and it is still the only item you can always find in my fridge

3. I don’t like things to end so I have never seen the last episode of many of my favorite tv shows and regularly don’t read the last 20 pages of books.

4. My drinks of choice are: iced venti unsweetened black tea, Hendricks gin gimlet, Shiner Bock and any and all sparkling wine or champagne.

5. I am obsessed with DisneyWorld and have gotten used to the “you are going to Disney without kids” judgemental look

6. I remember every wedding date ever off the top of my head

7. I never take leftovers from restaurants

8. I have an irrational fear of peeling paint

 9. My favorite class in college was Stat 118: Regression Analysis. One of my proudest moments was the professor taking me out of the curve for every single test and let me tell you ruining the curve in an advance statistics class no one wants to take but is required to makes you wildly popular

10. I don’t have a microwave which may further explain point #7

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