10 things you may not know about Debby!

September 19, 2016. Category: A. Dominick Events Team

We thought it would be fun to continue to share a few fun facts about our team that you may not know!

Debby Fisher – Public Relations Manager

Debby Headshot

Photography: Erik Ekroth

1. I was born in Windhoek, Namibia and lived in South Africa until I was 11.

2. My favorite color is Green though many think it is Black.

3. You can almost always find me dressed monochromatically in either all black or all white.

4. I love to listen to french music, especially when I am cooking.

5. I studied abroad in Australia.

6. I learned to surf in Australia, though I have’t been on a surf board since.

7. I played Varsity Field Hockey in college, that is also where I met my husband.

8. I am really allergic bees, which is ironic because my name in hebrew means bee.

9. I love to reach fashion magazines and for some reason I read them back to front, always have.

10. I studied the Royal Academy Dance until I was 15 and danced at The Joffrey Ballet School during the Summer.

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