Something borrowed

February 27, 2010. Category: jewelry

Julia Roberts and Jessica Abla do it, so why don’t you? Adorn will lend you some ridiculous baubles for you big day- for a relatively small fee. Check out their selection of stunning jewelry- you may just need to add a red carpet at your reception.

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Taste of your cherry chapstick

February 12, 2010. Category: welcome bag
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Let your hair down

February 06, 2010. Category: hair

Image by Kate Headley

Looking (or ready) for a fun outing with your bridesmaids? How about taking a private class with Giselle of Elegant Hair by Giselle. Widely regarded as THE wedding hair expert in the DC area, she is offering one hour classes for $125. In return? Learn at least 3 new styles that you can recreate yourself — or ask one of your girls to do for you. Beauty School drop-out? I think not
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Easy come, easy go

February 02, 2010. Category: photographer, video

Washingtonian Bride and Groom Unveiled from Jay Premack on Vimeo.

Most people really have no idea how much work goes into any event. The vast majority of our time is spent in the office and at meetings making sure that all details are perfect on the big day. Thanks to Jay Premack, you can see – in warp speed – how an event comes together on site. It is truly amazing to me how fast the actual day goes after months of planning. Take a look, I think you’ll agree.

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  • Al Dominick:

    Wow — that is very cool! Great idea by Jay to capture this… is he on twitter? Happy to tweet this out using more than just a # to give him credit.

  • evanreitmeyer:

    THAT IS COOL! Great job again with the show, it was stunning. See you soon!

Put it down on paper

February 01, 2010. Category: Invitations

We had the immense pleasure of spend two whole days with Cheree Berrydoing stationary meetings with our brides. I thought I knew a ton about stationary etiquette, but even I learned a few things.

Did you know:

-If you are having a ceremony in a non-religious space, your invite must say “Mr. and Mrs. Smith request the pleasure of your company” instead of “The honor of your presence”

-The inner and outer envelope was originally used because the postman would keep the out envelope and leave you only the inner envelope.

In our office, we follow the rules in the Crane’s Blue Book online or you can rely on Cheree’s expertise- contact her to design your invite.
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