If 16 candles make a lovely light then what do 50 make?

April 27, 2010. Category: private event

It’s true that we spend most of our time on weddings but our small parties can be the most fun. We had the pleasure of planning a 50th birthday party for one of our FAVORITE clients a few weeks ago. Citronelle provided the most amazing meal, Multifor created a beautiful table and Kendall Barrett topped of the night with a decadent chocolate birthday cake. I could not share any of this without the talent of Michael Bonfigli. I really do have the best job ever.

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We Heart Charlottesville

April 08, 2010. Category: destination wedding

Clifton Inn

Veritas Winery

King Family Vineyard

DC has been my home for 5 years but I am about to start cheating- in Charlottesville! No need to call a lawyer, my marriage is fine, but Danielle Freedman from our team is working on starting a satellite office in the C-ville area. She is a native and has been showing me around town all week. We have done a number of weddings in the area, but there are so many unbelievable venues that I hadn’t even seen before. Considering a mini-destination wedding?Danielle will be your wing woman!
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  • Michael Bonfigli:

    What a great idea. I have photographed at the Farmington Country Club and the UVA Chapel. I also got married in C’ville! Its so beautiful there.Cheers, Michael Bonfigli Photographerhttp://www.michealbonfigli.com

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