Sexy Corporate Event?

May 25, 2010. Category: corporate

Another networking event? I know you can go to an event every night but this party was special. Our client Anybill wanted to show everyone just how sexy accounts payable can be… I know the guests at this event have a whole new perspective on accounting. The team at the Newseum did a fabulous job and Jay Premack took these amazing images. Maybe next time, you will think twice before blowing off that work function?

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  • Rebecca:

    It looks wonderful. Glad it all came together and hope it was fun!~ rebecca D’Amato

The Big Picture

May 12, 2010. Category: catering, decor

Even the most relaxed bride can over time loose perspective when it comes to her wedding. The pink ribbon is baby pink rather than blush…How will we go on?
Yes, all of the details matter but with the recent events in the news globally, some brides may find they need to be flexible and understanding.
Take for example the volcano in Iceland. It might not seem like your problem if flights in Europe are disrupted, but chances are many if not ALL of a wedding’s flowers are coming from the flower market in Holland.

The oil spill in the Gulf may also become an issue soon if you are planning to serve seafood on your big day. Don’t panic – I don’t know anyone who has been effected, but only time will tell.

The good news is, around here, there are always crab cakes!

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