Congratulations Shannon and Andrew!

July 17, 2015. Category: anniversary
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Groomsmen Gifts

July 13, 2015. Category: bridal party gifts, groom, groomsmen

Groomsmen are just as important as bridesmaids so be sure to get them something to let them know how much you appreciate them!

Below are a few ideas we love.

For the group of guys that love a good drink, why not engrave a flask. Not only is this a gift your groomsmen can actually use, they are reminders of the fun you all had together at your wedding. 

For that classic groomsman in your wedding party, an engraved decanter is the perfect gift!  From the beautiful engraved wooden box to the 1900’s design, Groovy Groomsmen Gifts has the perfect one! It certainly will be cherished by your groomsmen and will pour a highball like nothing else!

ManCrates has a wide variety of options including, but not limited to, the “Whiskey Connoisseur Crate” pictured below, a “Baconology Kit,” an “NFL Barware Crate,” and a “Caffeine Fiend Crate”.

 A fun and unique gift for any groomsman is the man crate.

whiskey_connoisseur_01__92349.1417223420.702.702And of course, you can always go for apparel!

Giving your groomsmen ties, socks, or cufflinks that can also be worn day-of is a great option. Not only do gifts like these show your appreciation by offsetting groomsmen outfit costs, they give you all something fun to wear both at the wedding and in the future.

The Tie Bar has it all! Great bow ties, ties, socks, cufflinks, and more.

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Congratulations Sarah and Michael!

July 10, 2015. Category: anniversary
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Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

July 06, 2015. Category: kids, uncategorized

Is there anything cuter than a flower girl and ring bearer walking down the aisle? We don’t think so! We have put together some helpful tips to make sure that the littlest members of your bridal party feel included and special without tiring them out or asking too much.

Dress them up

You flower girl will love that she gets to wear a special dress, consider having her wear a white dress to match you or one in the same color of your bridal party.  Don’t forget a flower headpiece or pomander to complete her look. As for the ring bearer, depending on his age he might be able to where a suit just like the groomsmen, but if that is too much consider just a matching bow tie or suspenders.


Photography: Stephen Dohring

Include them in your pictures

There are so many great ways to incorporate the littlest members of your bridal party. Talk to your photographer about some of their ideas and, in the meantime, take a look at some of ours:


Photography by: Patricia Lyons (left) Kate Headley (right)

Be cognizant of their ages

Remember that the younger your flower girl and ring bearer are, the harder it will be for them to make it through the ceremony fuss-free. Here are some tips:

Have the parents of your flower girl/ring bearer sit close to the front during the ceremony so that they can take a break and sit with mom and dad if they get tired (they can also help coax the little ones down the aisle if shyness rears its head). If the parents are in your bridal party, have your flower girl/ring bearer stand with mom or dad during the ceremony.


Photography by: Gabe Aceves 

Make sure the little ones get to practice too! Don’t count them out of the rehearsal just because they’re young. Walk them through the process and let them know what they should do if they forget something, need a break, or get bored.

Finally, consider getting an on-site sitter to watch the children and play with them during the reception. That way, mom and dad can have fun celebrating with you and your new spouse while the little ones remain entertained.

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Happy Fourth of July!

July 02, 2015. Category: uncategorized
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