Congratulations Naomi and Yoni!

August 31, 2015. Category: anniversary
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Congratulations Jackie and Donovan!

August 28, 2015. Category: anniversary
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How to include your dog on your wedding day

August 26, 2015. Category: pets, trends

For so many, a dog is not just a pet, he’s part of your family. If your pup holds a special place in your heart, you may be looking for special ways to include him in your wedding as well. The good news is there are lots of options! Take a look at these adorable photos from some of our favorite weddings.

Getting ready

Every bride needs their friends and family around as while getting ready for her big day. Many hotels have pet-friendly policies so that your pup can be there with you for photographs as you’re getting dolled up.

ajp-1002Photography by: Abby Jiu

At the ceremony

For really talented (and obedient) pups, your dog could play a special role as best man, ring bearer or even videographer, wearing his own mounted GoPro camera on a harness.

VickiGraftonPhotography-Film-364Photography by: Vicki Grafton

For dogs who may not want to play such a leading role, have your pup on hand for family shots. Make sure he or she has a snazzy outfit to complement your attire. There are options from collars with bowties, neck ties, or fabric flowers. You can also ask your florist to provide a floral collar made of babies breath or greenery.

Photography by: Abby Jiu

Things to consider

1. Are dogs allowed at your venue? 

Make sure to ask this if you are considering including your pup. If not, you can opt to
include your dog in your engagement photos or in your 
post-ceremony pictures outside!

2. Is your canine companion’s temperament compatible with a wedding?

The last thing you want is for your furry friend to take off running the wrong way down the aisle, or get too enthusiastic about greeting guests along the way.  Think about how long your pet will be able to participate before getting tired or bored and plan accordingly. Ask a dog-savvy family member or friend to be your dog wrangler as you’ll need someone to hold the leash and move off to the side if Fido gets too excited.

3. Safety first! 

Make sure your plans are safe for both your pup and your human guests. If you’re planning to dress your dog up, make sure the clothing is dog-safe (no toxic materials or choking hazards)! Make sure any floral items he is near aren’t poisonous if ingested. You would also do well to inform your guests that your dogs will be present so that anyone with allergies (or even a fear of dogs) can prepare.

4. After party

Most dogs will tire after a few hours – they’re missing out on their daily naptime with all the excitement! Make plans for Fido to head out to his own special vacation at a local doggie daycare or boarding facility. Or hire a dog walker to take him out for walks from your pet-friendly hotel. Most pet-friendly hotels will have a list of dog walkers, or you can use one of our favorites: Wagtime. They provide services for daycare, boarding and dog walks!

Finally . . .

5. Inform your photographer.

If your photographer is expecting those unexpected adorable moments that pets create, he or she is far more likely to catch them on camera. Plus, your photographer might have some really cute ideas to suggest as well!

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Which Wedding Theme is the perfect one for you?

August 24, 2015. Category: inspiration, planning, theme

When planning your wedding it can be overwhelming to decide what you want your overall theme to be and bringing your vision to life can be a challenge!

Fortunately, the wonderful team at Wedding Paper Divas put together a great quiz to help you decide what wedding theme would be the perfect fit!

 Are you Classic, Modern, Beach, Vintage or Rustic? 

Click on the link to find out!

We thought it would be fun for our team to take the quiz to see what we would each get, see our results below…

Aimee: “You’re inspired by aquamarine waters and colorful seashells—not to mention delicious tropical cuisine and drinks with tiny umbrellas.”

Cindy: “You love simple and polished, and believe it’s the little details of a classic theme that will make the day exciting.”

Ashley: “You love all the new wedding trends—bright colors and geometric patterns are calling your name.”

Debby: ” You appreciate heirloom touches like your grandmother’s lace veil, China place settings and old-school cocktails.”

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Congratulations Aly and Matt!

August 21, 2015. Category: anniversary
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