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March 23, 2016. Category: New York Times Announcement

How to Submit a Wedding Announcement!

If you are one of those brides or grooms who has always dreamed of having their wedding announcement in the New York Times, then this is for you!

We have put together a check list of all the necessary requirements that are needed when sending your announcement and hopefully it will be selected.

So before you live Happily Ever After you will need to follow these instructions closely:

 Click here for the form to submit your announcement.


Photography: Jodi Miller

Important Details:

  1. You will need so submit your marriage or commitment announcements at least six weeks before the legal event. Although they sometimes consider submissions received after that deadline, they give preference to those received first!
  2. Marriages and commitment ceremonies are reported in the Weddings/Celebrations pages in the Sunday Styles section and on the Web at Events on a Sunday are reported on the day of the ceremony.
  3. It is strongly recommend that your information and write-up be uploaded to The Times’s submissions Web site.

Fact Check:

  1. You must include the full names of the couple, the date of the event and the approximate time of day.
  2. They will need the couples addresses, schooling and occupations. Also mention any noteworthy awards the couple have received, as well as charitable activities and special achievements. And you will need to tell them how the couple met.
  3. Also required information is the residences and occupations of the couple’s parents. Please include this even if the parents are deceased.
  4. For an interfaith event, include the names and affiliations of any other officiants who will participate. Also state the exact location of the event.
  5. In the case of a marriage, a civil union or a partnership registration, they must have the name, title and affiliation of the person who will legally sign the official certificate.

*All announcements must include daytime, evening and cellphone numbers for the couple and their parents. They also need the office phone numbers for those performing the ceremony. Identify each number.  Submissions without telephone numbers cannot be considered.

Photos Requirements: 

  1. The Weddings/Celebrations pages typically publish formal portraits of couples and individual brides. Couples posing for pictures should arrange themselves with their eyebrows on the same level and with their heads fairly close together with plenty of space at the top and sides of the couple’s heads. Pictures should be in color and in a horizontal format. Include the photographer’s name if professional credit is required. Examples of formal portraits can be found herehere and here.
  2. They will sometimes include informal photographs of individuals or couples at home, outdoors or in other attractive settings. Those posing for pictures should be neatly dressed, and the images should be of professional quality. Examples of informal portraits can be found herehere and here.
  3. Image requirements: JPEG file format. Width and height of at least 3000 pixels.
    Maximum file size of 12MB. Minimum file size of 3MB.


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Summer 2016 Event Planning Internship

March 21, 2016. Category: internship

Are you obsessed with events, especially weddings?  Do your plan your friend’s birthdays and love looking at Pinterest and event planning blogs?   A. Dominick Events, based in Chevy Chase DC, is one of the premier event planning companies in the area and can teach you how to turn that passion into a profession.  With more than 30 events per year, we are one of the busiest planning firms in the Mid-Atlantic.

A. Dominick Events has a fast paced work environment and we seek talented interns who crave learning new skills and aren’t afraid to tackle big projects.  As an intern you will get to work with our staff, while working on real projects that will teach you what event planning is really about.

Our ideal candidate is someone who is friendly and professional, someone who is obsessed with event planning and is creative and thoughtful when approaching assignments. He or she should also be ready to take great notes and open to learning the intricacies of planning high-end events.

What You Will Learn:

To create a high-end event from start to finish

To balance client expectations and budget constraints

To create and present a scale floor plan using Social Tables software

To brainstorm event details and design including creating inspiration boards

To build relationship with our online community by maintaining Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog and other media accounts.

To create proposals for prospective clients

To dress professionally and interact as an adult in a workplace

To design and set up a sample table presentation

Plenty of additional opportunities in related projects.

Format for Learning and Future Benefits:

Our firm prides itself on the quality of its internship program and many of our former interns are now working in influential positions in event planning roles in Washington DC and beyond. Our introductions and recommendations have helped our former interns to secure position at many companies including; The Ritz Carlton, Hay Adams Hotel, Elan Artists, Amaryllis Inc, our own firm and many others.

We begin our internship with a full day of intensive training and provide each intern a comprehensive full training manual. Each day, interns are provided with varied tasks that are discussed in detail and overseen by their direct supervisor. At the conclusion of each day, the intern is required to recap their progress providing opportunity for supervisor feedback and learning.

At the mid-point of the semester a quiz and review are given to assess each interns’ progress and to establish a dialog to ensure that the intern’s goals are being reached.

At the conclusion of the semester, a final review is conducted to access the progress of the intern and to discuss the intern’s goals beyond the internship. At this time career advice, resume review and if appropriate, recommendations and introductions are made to possible future employers.

What We Are Looking For:

Background/studies in Event Planning, Marketing, Communication, Management or other related discipline is preferred but not require

Strong communication skills (both written and oral).

Proficiency in Word and Excel

Organized candidates with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive assignments

Creativity and flexibility

Strong problem solving skills

Familiarity with social networking sites desired, but we will also train.


The office internship program runs from mid-May to mid-August and you are expected to work 15 hours a week in the A. Dominick Events office.

Class or work schedule preventing you from committing to 15 hours per week? A. Dominick Events offers a day of event internship to accommodate interns’ schedules. These interns work more limited office hours (approx. 8 hours per week) and assist the A. Dominick Events staff at all off-site events (typically 4 to 5 hours on evenings or weekends). The day of event internship allows you the opportunity to experience first hand what all of the planning results in and learn to manage high end events.


For more information or to apply please contact Cindy Bastron ( or 202.216.9557).

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Pop the Question!

March 20, 2016. Category: engagement

Did you know that March 20th was National Proposal Day?!

Though most proposals happen over the holidays, typically Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, this lesser-known holiday is exactly what it sounds like a date that’s meant to prompt a proposal!

Well, at least, that’s why a man named John Michael O’Loughlin intended after he invented the holiday after his cousin’s boyfriend failed to pop the question after years of dating! He picked March 20 as the official date because it’s usually the first day of spring and when day and night are of equal length worldwide, so I guess he was a bit of a romantic!

Before you get down on one knee and pop the question, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a little insight into the different types of engagement rings. From round, to princess to emerald, here are a few details that make each ring unique and hopefully will help you find the perfect one!


Photography: Abby Jiu

  1. Round Cut: One of the most popular cuts for an engagement ring, the round cut is also a classic diamond shape. A round stone with 58 facets, it has the most sparkle.
  2. Cushion Cut: The cushion cut is a cross between a rectangle and an oval; it has a pillow shape, and it is also called an “antique cut.”
  3. Emerald Cut: An emerald cut (originally developed for the gem of the same name) is rectangular with cropped corners and long, stair-step-like facets.
  4. Asscher Cut: An asscher is similar to an emerald cut, but square, so it looks octagonal (the radiant is a popular variation of these but with facets that give it even greater sparkle).
  5. Princess Cut:  A very popular diamond cut, the princess cut is a brilliant square stone.
  6. Oval Cut:  The oval shape, which first began appearing in the Sixties, visually elongates the fingers and is completely unique.
  7. Marquise Cut: The marquise is an oval with pointed ends.
  8. Pear Cut:  A pear-cut diamond also resembles its name. An added bonus to the pear shape is that if you wear it with the point facing away from your body, it makes your finger look long and slender.
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Cherry Blossom Season!

March 18, 2016. Category: cherry blossoms, details, real wedding, weddings

One of the most anticipated times in Washington DC is the when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom! This year marks the 104th anniversary of the gift of the cherry blossom trees from Japan as a symbol of friendship with the United States.

As the weather has been so up and down these past few months, the official peak blooming period has been moved up to March 21st. Their initial forecast, issued for peak bloom was sometime during the period March 31st to April 3rd which is significantly earlier than we’ve seen in the past few years,

We of course always think back to some of our favorite spring weddings that took place during cherry blossom season last year, you can’t but fall in love with these beautiful flowers and wish that they bloomed all year long!

ajp-43Photography: Abby Jiu


Photography: Meg Runion

ajp-89-2Photography: Abby Jiu

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Luck of the Irish

March 17, 2016. Category: St. Patrick's Day

Today everyone around the world is a a little Irish!

So in honor of  St. Patrick’s Day we thought it would be fun to put together a few fun facts about this festive day!



Photography: Freed Photography


St. Patrick is one of the most famous patron saints of Ireland: According to the legend, he brought Christianity to the island and made the shamrock fashionable. The holiday marks St. Patrick’s death and has been observed as a religious holiday in Ireland for over 1500 years.


Ireland only officially started celebrating the day in 1903, it used to be a quiet and religious holiday – until the 1960s, when a law allowed pubs to open on St. Paddy’s Day.


It’s said that St. Patrick used shamrocks (aka clovers) to explain the holy trinity (God, Son and Holy Spirit) to the Irish. The Celts believed that each leaf of the clover has a meaning. St. Patrick started several churches, schools and monasteries and made the clover popular.


It’s all about going green! Well in terms of beer, food, hair and clothing that is and the coloring doesn’t stop there – rivers, monuments and even ski resorts have all been know to have turned green to commemorate this festive occasion.


Besides the drinking and green-wearing, watching or participating in a parade is the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!


During St. Patrick’s Day, the worldwide consumption of Guinness almost triples – from 5.5 million pints on a regular day to 13 million pints – Cheers!

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