Wedding Weekend Ideas

May 16, 2016. Category: planning, wedding weekend tips, weddings

With weddings now spanning entire weekends, you want to make sure that your guests feel taken care of and entertained but you also don’t want to add any additional stress to your day! Below are some of our suggestions.

1. A wonderful way to provide a unique and personal experience for all of your guests during a weekend wedding celebration is to have a welcome bag delivered or handed to them when they arrive at their hotels. Guests always appreciate them and since we love to include local treats and maps of fun activities they can take part in while they are there, this is a great way to ensure that your guests really feel at home.

Welcome Bag 2 - Jodi Miller Photography (1)Photography: Jodi and Kurt Photography

2. Welcome notes are a wonderful way to ensure that all of your guests are aware of all of the activities available that weekend and more importantly where they need to be and at what time, taking the guess work out of the weekend and allowing them to just relax, have fun and enjoy a weekend of celebration!

101015LEVENE004 (1)Photography: Raquel Reis

3. A great way for you and your guests to have fun during your wedding weekend is to offer a variety of activities. From lawn games to pool parties to even a friendly golf tournament, these activities really allow guests of all ages to mingle, get to know one another, and have some friendly competition as they celebrate you!

View More: Abby Grace Photography

4. As many of your guests will be from out of town during a weekend wedding celebration, hosting a brunch the day after your wedding is a wonderful way to thank all of them for coming before they journey home. Although, in case some of your guests have early flights or do not make it to brunch having some morning treats will be much appreciated the next day- one of our favorites is gourmet Pop Tarts from Ted’s Bulletin in Washington DC!

Morning After Breakfast to go 1- Cassidy DuhonPhotography: Cassidy Duhon

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The Stylisted

May 13, 2016. Category: beauty, hair

Who wouldn’t love to have their hair blown out or have their makeup done before attending a wedding, a charity event or even date night without having to run to the salon or the beauty counter?! Even better, image it was possible to have it done in the comfort of your own home or hotel room with just a click of a button. Well look no further than the amazing service known as the Stylisted!

The Stylisted is an online platform that allows women to book in-home hair styling and makeup appointments online or via an App from a network of vetted beauty professionals. Gone are the days of rushing to-and-from the salon in rain and high humidity before a big event. Skip the salon, select the best professional for your needs, and wait for beauty to knock at your door!

These services are offered in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and now Washington DC!

Our very own Aimee Dominick decided to try it out. She booked and appointment and a stylist arrived at her home armed with an array of makeup and hair tools. In about an hour and a half later her hair and makeup were professionally done in the comfort of her own home and she was ready to go!  



Hair & Makeup: The Stylisted   Photography: Robert Chicoine 

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bites, bubbly & bidding for a great cause!

May 10, 2016. Category: charity, event, planning, weddings
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Congratulations Courtney and Sonny!

May 09, 2016. Category: anniversary
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Congratulations Sasha and Berkeley!

May 02, 2016. Category: anniversary
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