Congratulations Emily and Brian

June 25, 2017. Category: anniversary
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Happy National Pink Day!

June 23, 2017. Category: National Pink Day, wedding inspiration, wedding planner, wedding theme

 Did you know that June 23rd is National Pink Day?

It is no surprise that the color pink would have its very own national holiday, especially given its popularity in weddings.

From flowers to invitations, bridesmaid dresses to cake, the possibilities are endless. No matter what shade of pink you choose, be it hot pink or a delicate blush, you really can’t go wrong!

Below are some of our favorite ways that our brides have incorporated pink into their wedding day.

Photography: {left} Abby Jiu  Floral: Amaryllis

Photography: {right} Kate Headley  Paper: Cheree Berry Paper

Photography: Abby Jiu  Floral: Amaryllis

Photography: {left} Kate Headley  Paper: Cheree Berry Paper

Photography: {right} Jodi and Kurt  Floral: Holly Chapple

Photography: Bonnie Sen  Floral: The Delighted Eye

Photography: {both} Abby Jiu  Cake: Fluffy Thoughts Cakes  Floral: Amaryllis

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How to decide on an indoor or outdoor wedding

June 21, 2017. Category: advice, tips, venue, wedding planner, wedding tips, weddings

One of the hardest decisions a couple has to make while planning their wedding is the venue. Some couples really love the idea of having part of their celebration outdoors, but in the DC area, that can be tricky.

For some, the thought of not having an outdoor ceremony and/or tented reception is heartbreaking, and for others the risk of an outdoor soirée seems too stressful. If you are a couple who is still going back and forth, we have put together a list of Pros and Cons for both which we hope will make the the decision and planning process a little bit easier.

Indoor Wedding

If you have always dreamed of having your wedding in a gorgeous ballroom or at an iconic historic location, such as a museum, having an indoor wedding is the perfect choice for you. However, if you are still on the fence below are some Pros and Cons to an indoor wedding that might help sway your decision.

Pro: Weather is not a concern – With an indoor wedding, there is no need to worry about the weather. It doesn’t matter if it there is an unexpected down pour that day or if it is unseasonably warm or cold, the weather will not be an issue. Also, your guests will not have a problem packing the dance floor with good air conditioning.

Photography: Jodi and Kurt  Floral: Edge Floral    Venue: The Hay-Adams

Con: Windows and natural light – If you find a venue with windows, this is not an issue, but many ballrooms are built on the lower level of a hotel or in interior rooms of a museum and do not have any natural light.  This can be an issue if you want light, dreamy photos or hire a photographer who only shoots in real film.

Photography: Abby Jiu   Floral: Amaryllis  Venue: Decatur House

Pro: Endless décor options – Depending on the space, most if not all indoor venues will allow you to manipulate the space in some way or another, especially if you have selected a venue that has blank walls which will provide the perfect backdrop to customizing your wedding.

Photography: Sam Hurd   Floral: Southern Blooms

 Venue: Pippin Hill Farm &  Vineyards

Con: Unexpected décor costs – While having a blank space is very appealing and exciting, this can also get very expensive very quickly. As you may have to consider all the elements that will be needed to bring your vision to life from lighting to flowers to draping to all the rentals. Just make sure that when you are looking at the space, you are also adhering to your budget.

Photography: Abby Jiu     Floral: Amaryllis    Venue: Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium

Pro: Intimate Dinner Party – With all of your guests in one room, depending on the size of your event, indoor receptions can often feel like an intimate dinner party.

Photography: Abby Jiu    Floral: Amaryllis

Venue: National Museum of Women in The Arts

Outdoor Weddings

Have you always envisioned yourself getting married at your parents house or sitting in a lush garden under a tent surrounded by your nearest and dearest? If so, then an outdoor wedding is for you. However, one of the biggest challenges with an outdoor wedding is the weather. An outdoor wedding ceremony and/or reception, though beautiful and often breathtaking, can sometimes be logistically a bit more challenging, especially if the weather does not corporate. If you are up for the challenge or still find yourself on the fence here are some Pros and Cons to an outdoor wedding that might help you decide.

Pro: Beautiful scenery and backdrop – Outdoor weddings offer beautiful settings for a wedding and as a result, couples that decide on an outdoor soirée often save on design costs. Since the scenery is so lovely you really don’t need to add too many additional decor elements.

Photography: Eric Kelley     Venue: Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards

Con: High rental costs – Most outdoor wedding venues will need you to be tented, which can be expensive depending on the type of tent to want. Also be prepared to budget for items you may not necessarily have thought of, such as portable restrooms, flooring, a dance floor, tables, chairs, and lighting.

Photography: Kate Headley    Venue: Private Estate

Pro: A bit more relaxed atmosphere for your guests – An outdoor venue is also a great option for cocktail hour. Your guests can enjoy cocktails on the lawn while also playing lawn games or and taking in the view. Also, if you are allowing guests to bring their children, an outdoor wedding allows children space to run around.

Photography: Jen Fariello

Con: Unknown Weather – If you decide to have part or all of your celebration outdoors, be sure to have a plan B for bad weather.  There is no way to know how hot, cold, rainy or windy it might be.  If you don’t have a back up plan that you love (tent/interior space), you will make yourself crazy in the lead up to your wedding checking the weather.

Pro Tip: Most importantly, try to remember that no matter what location or venue you decided on be it indoor or outdoor, your wedding day will be beautiful and one of the best days of your life. Once you have logistically come up with the plan, all the other pieces will fall into place. Enjoy it – it’s your wedding day after all!

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Happy Father’s Day!

June 18, 2017. Category: Father's Day
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Wedding Guest Attire Etiquette

June 12, 2017. Category: dress code, tips, wedding guest attire

With the start of Summer wedding season upon us, we couldn’t think of a better time to put together a quick and easy cheat sheet for wedding guest attire etiquette.

Whether you are attending an outdoor garden party, a country club soirée or a black tie affair what you should wear as a wedding guest can be confusing to some, especially if it is not specified on the invitation. Guests looking to purchase appropriate clothing ahead of the wedding should definitely look to stores like Macy’s online to find some deals on ball gowns, dresses, suits, and tuxedos. They could also head to Raise (see the website here – to find some coupons and promo codes to get additional reductions on their purchases.

Photography: Paul Morse

White Tie – This is the most formal of all wedding dress codes. For this type of event, you will absolutely need a formal, full-length ball gown. For the gentleman, you will need to wear a tuxedo, or a traditional tailcoat, a formal white shirt, white vest and white bow tie. A shirt wash service will help to keep your shirt looking smart – they can iron and starch it for you so that you don’t look crumpled before you arrive.

Photography: Kate Headley

Black Tie Affair – This is the most common formal wedding dress code, and usually implies that the wedding is an evening affair. A black tie wedding used to always mean a ball gown but that has changed over the years. If the event is inside a ballroom and the invitations states black tie, you can certainly wear a long dress but a formal cocktail-length dress is also appropriate. For the gentleman, you will need a tuxedo.

Photography: Jodi and Kurt Photography

Black Tie Optional or Formal Attire – Black tie optional suggests that the dress code is slightly less formal than black tie, which means a tuxedo isn’t required but, the event is still formal enough that wearing one would be appropriate. You can’t go wrong with wearing a tuxedo, as it always a safe and classic option although, if you don’t own a tux wearing a formal dark suit and tie will be completely acceptable.

Photography: Katelyn James Photography

Semi-Formal – Depending on the time of the wedding you’ll want to dress somewhere between formal and casual. We suggest wearing darker more formal hues for an evening soirée, and then lighter colors for a daytime affair. Keep in mind that the location of the wedding will also be your cue on the appropriate dress code. For the gentleman, a suit and tie will be your best option.

Cocktail Attire – You can never go wrong with a cocktail dress, it is cocktail attire after all. However, if you do choose to wear a long dress, make sure it is season appropriate and not to overwhelming. For the gentleman you should wear a suit. Most Summer weddings tend to have part of the evening outside be it the ceremony or cocktail hour, so you want to make sure you are not too hot and dressed appropriately.

Photography: Abby Grace Photography

What if not attire is listed? By old school etiquette, any wedding starting after 6pm, should be black tie. Any wedding starting before 6pm, you can assume cocktail attire. When in doubt, check the couple’s website to see if they have listed any attire.

Also, never ever wear white. Really do try to avoid a white dress, even if it has a pattern on it you are better off selecting a different dress. The bride deserves to be the center of attention on her wedding day, and wearing white, steals attention from her unless of course you are a bridesmaid and she has specifically chosen a white bridesmaid dress.

Photography: Jodi and Kurt Photography

Budget friendly tip: Wedding season can become expensive very quickly if you have multiple weddings to attend, especially if they are with the same group of people. So instead of buying a new dress or wearing the same suit and tuxedo head over to Rent The Runway or The Black Tux, as they have endless options and are very easy to rent from no matter where you live!

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