Mama’s Boy

January 17, 2018. Category: advice, groom

As a woman who only has a sister, it wasn’t until I had a son of my own, that I could understand the special relationship between a mother and her son. Yes, we are all crazy about our sweet boys.  Yes, it is hard (and happy) for moms to see their sons choose a person that will be the most important in their life.

Keeping this in mind, and yes,  you should keep this in mind, we have a few tips to help you stay in your soon to be mother-in-laws good graces.

Photo: Cassidy Duhon

Choose your battles carefully. She will be your Mother-in-Law for a very long time.  Long after the wedding.  Do you really care what color she wears to the wedding? Would it kill you to invite some of her bowling league friends?  Think long and hard before damaging a relationship that could ultimately impact your marriage, down the road.

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Try to involve her in the planning – where you feel comfortable.  Don’t over commit to having her in the planning process, but if there items that she would love and ideally, that you don’t have super strong opinions, invite her to join.  For some brides and grooms this might be the tasting or maybe dress shopping. That said, if you will get frustrated by her two cents, don’t ask.

The Rehearsal dinner is HER party (if she is paying for it).  You do NOT get to choose the location, theme, menu, etc.  I know this is hard because the rehearsal dinner feels like part of your “wedding weekend” but if you or your parents aren’t paying, you need to allow her to make the decisions.  Don’t fret, you still get to choose a KILLER outfit to wear.


Photo: Patricia Lyons

Don’t forget her on the wedding day.  It is a big and emotional day for her.  Let her pick out the song she dances with her son to.  Make sure she knows what time the groom is getting ready so she can pin his boutonniere and straighten his tie



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What Not To Wear

January 01, 2018. Category: advice, attire

Sometimes, you  just really need a second opinion on your look while you’re shopping or heading out to a social event or even your rehearsal dinner. The Style Counsel App is has been recently introduced to us, and we love it!

The app can be your personal stylist on the go, connecting you with fashionistas around the world. For our brides, this is a great spot for you to get an expert opinion on what to wear to your rehearsal dinner or pack for your honeymoon.

Source: BHLDN

Or Maybe you are even one of those brides who wants mismatched, but still perfectly styled bridesmaids? This is the perfect place to get expert feedback and style inspiration for your upcoming holiday parties or date nights. This network of stylists, fashion bloggers, and real women are right at your fingertips, all ready and willing to give you instant feedback on your outfits and accessories!

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The Style Counsel philosophy is that it’s here to make you feel and look great, all while guiding you to make style decisions that are right for you. Try it out! Snap a photo of your outfit, upload it to the app, and just wait. Style experts are ready to give you immediate, personalized suggestions and inspiration.

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