About A. Dominick Events

Providing creative direction and expert production since 2005, A. Dominick Events coordinates spectacularly memorable special events. Led by some of Washington DC’s most acclaimed event planners, our firm’s experience spans the United States and beyond. Based in the nation’s capital, A. Dominick Events’ work outside the U.S. includes one-of-a-kind projects in Jamaica, Mexico, the Bahamas, southern France, and South Africa.

Consider what you can — and should — expect from our special events and production services boutique: creativity, ingenuity and a passion for event planning. Regardless of the event site, size, or budget, we place a premium on attention to detail and design. We commit our full attention to your dreams, so that they become a breathtaking reality.

We founded our firm on one word: Trust. With it, dreams are realized.

Unlike other event planners, we do NOT take commission from vendors or properties when planning your event. We identify the right fit for you — not us — to create a truly special event. We are your advocate: to accept royalties like other planners creates a conflict of interest that we cannot and will not enter into.

It is this principle that guides us day-in and day-out. We pass along discounts; we do not pocket the difference. Likewise, we have our clients contract directly with venues, caterers, florists, and other vendors so you see line item costs and not simply a rolled up fee that masks true pricing.

From Nantucket to Charlottesville, New York City to Northwest DC, A. Dominick Events has the contacts, capabilities and experience to plan any event, big or small.

Images by Jennifer Domenick, Patricia Lyons and Andrew Reilly