Bud and Bloom

July 25, 2013. Category: decor, details, Flowers, real wedding

As we start thinking about wedding season (it now starts in August), I thought a few images of our favorite bouquets might be a fun diversion

I love the sweet peas and peonies in this one by Petal’s Edge.

The fresh green of the this bouquet by Pat’s Floral is so lovely

These two bouquets are a great example of a lot of different flowers and texture by Beehive or the opposite will only one type and one color of flower.

They are both gorgeous, depending on your style.

For this destination bride the use of the green billy balls was the perfect bit of whimsy

 I love the use of white to create a vintage looking bouquet

 And finally, vibrant color for a super-fun bride, again by Beehive

I hope your bouquet is perfect for you!



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