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July 13, 2015. Category: bridal party gifts, groom, groomsmen

Groomsmen are just as important as bridesmaids so be sure to get them something to let them know how much you appreciate them!

Below are a few ideas we love.

For the group of guys that love a good drink, why not engrave a flask. Not only is this a gift your groomsmen can actually use, they are reminders of the fun you all had together at your wedding. 

For that classic groomsman in your wedding party, an engraved decanter is the perfect gift!  From the beautiful engraved wooden box to the 1900’s design, Groovy Groomsmen Gifts has the perfect one! It certainly will be cherished by your groomsmen and will pour a highball like nothing else!

ManCrates has a wide variety of options including, but not limited to, the “Whiskey Connoisseur Crate” pictured below, a “Baconology Kit,” an “NFL Barware Crate,” and a “Caffeine Fiend Crate”.

 A fun and unique gift for any groomsman is the man crate.

whiskey_connoisseur_01__92349.1417223420.702.702And of course, you can always go for apparel!

Giving your groomsmen ties, socks, or cufflinks that can also be worn day-of is a great option. Not only do gifts like these show your appreciation by offsetting groomsmen outfit costs, they give you all something fun to wear both at the wedding and in the future.

The Tie Bar has it all! Great bow ties, ties, socks, cufflinks, and more.

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Almost too Cute

January 03, 2013. Category: bridal party gifts, bridesmaid gifts, jewelry, printed materials

Design Darling started as a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on fashion and interiors. The online boutique blossomed as founder Mackenzie worked to help her reader’s with their organization and decorating dilemmas. Design Darling is a great spot to look, whether you are a bride or a guest at an upcoming wedding, for unique gifts and organization ideas. With an assortment of products including unique decor and stationary, to leather goods and accessories, there are plenty of options to choose from.

For the Bride: 

Chic notebooks and planners are available to keep yourself organized while planning your wedding. Keep track of meetings, to-dos, and important dates. For a sweet gift for your bridesmaids, Design Darling has monogram options for stationary and accessories that would make great gifts for your bridesmaids. The adorable monogrammed stationary, printed with your new married monogram, is also a great option for your thank you notes after the wedding!

For the Guest:

Design Darling has a section in the online boutique dedicated to Wedding Gifts. Options include monogrammed trays and quartz bookends. There are great products to choose from for the trendy couple.

I might just need to shop a bit more, as research, of course

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Bookmark This One

October 31, 2012. Category: bridal party gifts, bridesmaid gifts, jewelry
The Dogeared Jewels Bridal Suite has a collection of sweet and simple baubles that are the perfect gifts for your bridal party.  There are options for everyone from your flower girl to your mom. 
You can select from pre-made designs or create your own custom pieces, choosing from over one hundred different charms!
Each design comes with a different concept card, with a message to make each bridal party member feel special.

Because all of our girls are unique…for better or for worse.

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Click on this Link

November 25, 2010. Category: bridal party gifts

Getting your groom to buy (appropriate) gifts for his groomsmen can be like pulling teeth. I may have a solution- Bella Modahas tons of fun cufflinks and money clips at very affordable prices. They will even create a custom design just for your bridal party. You may still end up buying the gifts on his behalf but at least they will be fantastic!

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You’ve got mail

August 31, 2010. Category: bridal party gifts, Invitations

It’s true, I don’t believe in Evites. I just love paper too much…that was until I saw these super chic email invites. They are also available in real printed versions if you can’t imagine not putting your invitations in the snail mail. Before your next fete make sure check out Iomoi. Here’s a little hint if you come to my next party, they also have fabulous hostess gifts

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