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July 21, 2016. Category: corporate, event, Transportation, weddings

We all know about Uber but have you heard about  UberEVENTS?  UberEVENTS is an option that allows event organizers and party planners alike to purchase rides for guests, and only pay for what they use. Guests will only have to enter the code under the Promotions section of the Uber app to hail a ride.

Now, everyone can have a great time and your guests can safely get to and from without any fuss! See more on this great service below.

uberevents-lede1. Customize your guest passes per event by setting a maximum value for each ride and the number of rides you’d like each guest pass to be valid fo

2. Share your purchased guest passes with the attendees of your event

3. Guests can easily activate their guest pass by entering their unique code under the “Promotions” section of the Uber app before requesting their ride

4. Check out their Frequently Asked Questions for more information

5. Purchase guests passes for your next Event Here!


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Best of Washington

July 08, 2014. Category: corporate, event

We are delighted to be working with The Washingtonian Magazine once again this year to bring the Best of Washington Party to life.  Come enjoy food and cocktails at the National Building Museum to celebrate Washington’s 75 best restaurants.

To purchase tickets, please visit

But don’t wait!  This one always sells out.

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Send in the clowns

July 20, 2010. Category: corporate

We could not be more proud to be planning the Washingtonian Best of Party again this year! If you haven’t been, it is a free for all with 50 of the best bars and restaurants in DC serving their best dishes at the National Building Museum. Our theme this year is BIG TOP fun, complete with jugglers, stilt walkers an amazing DJ and more. If you don’t have tickets yet, you’ll have to come next year- we are already sold out!

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Sexy Corporate Event?

May 25, 2010. Category: corporate

Another networking event? I know you can go to an event every night but this party was special. Our client Anybill wanted to show everyone just how sexy accounts payable can be… I know the guests at this event have a whole new perspective on accounting. The team at the Newseum did a fabulous job and Jay Premack took these amazing images. Maybe next time, you will think twice before blowing off that work function?

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  • Rebecca:

    It looks wonderful. Glad it all came together and hope it was fun!~ rebecca D’Amato

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