Mama’s Boy

January 17, 2018. Category: advice, groom

As a woman who only has a sister, it wasn’t until I had a son of my own, that I could understand the special relationship between a mother and her son. Yes, we are all crazy about our sweet boys.  Yes, it is hard (and happy) for moms to see their sons choose a person that will be the most important in their life.

Keeping this in mind, and yes,  you should keep this in mind, we have a few tips to help you stay in your soon to be mother-in-laws good graces.

Photo: Cassidy Duhon

Choose your battles carefully. She will be your Mother-in-Law for a very long time.  Long after the wedding.  Do you really care what color she wears to the wedding? Would it kill you to invite some of her bowling league friends?  Think long and hard before damaging a relationship that could ultimately impact your marriage, down the road.

Photo: Bonnie Sen Photography

Try to involve her in the planning – where you feel comfortable.  Don’t over commit to having her in the planning process, but if there items that she would love and ideally, that you don’t have super strong opinions, invite her to join.  For some brides and grooms this might be the tasting or maybe dress shopping. That said, if you will get frustrated by her two cents, don’t ask.

The Rehearsal dinner is HER party (if she is paying for it).  You do NOT get to choose the location, theme, menu, etc.  I know this is hard because the rehearsal dinner feels like part of your “wedding weekend” but if you or your parents aren’t paying, you need to allow her to make the decisions.  Don’t fret, you still get to choose a KILLER outfit to wear.


Photo: Patricia Lyons

Don’t forget her on the wedding day.  It is a big and emotional day for her.  Let her pick out the song she dances with her son to.  Make sure she knows what time the groom is getting ready so she can pin his boutonniere and straighten his tie



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Put a flower on it!

October 07, 2015. Category: details, groom, groomsmen, inspiration

The boutonniere has become far more than just a customary accessory for the groom and should be as unique as the man who wears it!

We put together a few of our favorite boutonnieres from some of our past weddings to hopefully bring some inspiration to the gentleman in your life!

Photography: {left} Tec Petaja  {right}  Abby Jiu

Photography: {left} Jeff Greenough  {right}  Jeff Greenough

Photography: {left} Jodi Miller  {right} Abby Jiu

Photography: {left} Eric Kelley  {right} Abby Jiu 

Photography:  {left} Ken Luallen  {right} Jodi Miller 

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Groomsmen Gifts

July 13, 2015. Category: bridal party gifts, groom, groomsmen

Groomsmen are just as important as bridesmaids so be sure to get them something to let them know how much you appreciate them!

Below are a few ideas we love.

For the group of guys that love a good drink, why not engrave a flask. Not only is this a gift your groomsmen can actually use, they are reminders of the fun you all had together at your wedding. 

For that classic groomsman in your wedding party, an engraved decanter is the perfect gift!  From the beautiful engraved wooden box to the 1900’s design, Groovy Groomsmen Gifts has the perfect one! It certainly will be cherished by your groomsmen and will pour a highball like nothing else!

ManCrates has a wide variety of options including, but not limited to, the “Whiskey Connoisseur Crate” pictured below, a “Baconology Kit,” an “NFL Barware Crate,” and a “Caffeine Fiend Crate”.

 A fun and unique gift for any groomsman is the man crate.

whiskey_connoisseur_01__92349.1417223420.702.702And of course, you can always go for apparel!

Giving your groomsmen ties, socks, or cufflinks that can also be worn day-of is a great option. Not only do gifts like these show your appreciation by offsetting groomsmen outfit costs, they give you all something fun to wear both at the wedding and in the future.

The Tie Bar has it all! Great bow ties, ties, socks, cufflinks, and more.

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Something Blue

March 31, 2015. Category: groom, inspiration, trends

When it comes to wedding fashion, there are many ways to take the traditional and turn it into something unique and personal. The blue tuxedo is perfect for grooms looking to add some pizzazz to their wedding look.

blue tux

The blue tuxedo has recently become a men’s formal fashion trend with male celebrities sporting their most dapper midnight blue tux while walking the red carpet. This spin on the traditional black tuxedo is a great way to add color and flair to your wedding while also maintaining the classic wedding look, and with the groomsmen dressed in black, a groom can really stand out on his special day.

jake blue

blue tux2

grooms men black

But how do you pair a blue tux with the groomsmen tuxes?  We think keeping the groomsmen in classic black is your best bet. Suit Supply, The Black Tux, and J. Crew are among several retailers that offer blue suits and tuxedos.

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All Tied Up

September 11, 2014. Category: groom, groomsmen

Almost every weekend,  groomsmen run into trouble when the time comes to suit up. While, the team here at A. Dominick Events is always willing to help, here is a step-by-step video on how to tie a bow tie.

Brought to you by Alton Brown.


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