Let’s hear it for the boys!

March 21, 2019. Category: groom, groomsmen, uncategorized, wedding style

As much as we love a gorgeous wedding dress and a timeless veil, we can’t forget to mention all of the handsome (and fun) groom looks we have seen. From classic black tie tux, to a well tailored suit, custom cummerbunds and bow ties, the possibilities are endless for the gentleman.

Here are a few of our favorite ways our grooms have showcased their style and looked fresh on their wedding day!

A classic black tux is a timeless and classic choice, and is always in style not matter what time of the year you are getting married! Jodi and Kurt Photography

Tailored suits is shades of blue, are great for a summer wedding when the temperatures are warmer. Abby Jiu Photography
Having a mobile barber come to you for a trim or a hot shave the day of your wedding will ensure your skin or beard look the very best! Mantas Kubilinskas Photography

A unique boutonniere will make sure the groom stands out! Abby Jiu Photography

Monogrammed suspenders are a fun way for him to personalize his tux and they make a great groomsmen gift! Patricia Lyons Photography
These gentleman had a little fun as their role as groomsmen, each choosing their favorite superhero motive to wear as socks. Cassidy Duhon Photography

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Put a flower on it!

October 07, 2015. Category: details, groom, groomsmen, inspiration

The boutonniere has become far more than just a customary accessory for the groom and should be as unique as the man who wears it!

We put together a few of our favorite boutonnieres from some of our past weddings to hopefully bring some inspiration to the gentleman in your life!

Photography: {left} Tec Petaja  {right}  Abby Jiu

Photography: {left} Jeff Greenough  {right}  Jeff Greenough

Photography: {left} Jodi Miller  {right} Abby Jiu

Photography: {left} Eric Kelley  {right} Abby Jiu 

Photography:  {left} Ken Luallen  {right} Jodi Miller 

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Groomsmen Gifts

July 13, 2015. Category: bridal party gifts, groom, groomsmen

Groomsmen are just as important as bridesmaids so be sure to get them something to let them know how much you appreciate them!

Below are a few ideas we love.

For the group of guys that love a good drink, why not engrave a flask. Not only is this a gift your groomsmen can actually use, they are reminders of the fun you all had together at your wedding. 

For that classic groomsman in your wedding party, an engraved decanter is the perfect gift!  From the beautiful engraved wooden box to the 1900’s design, Groovy Groomsmen Gifts has the perfect one! It certainly will be cherished by your groomsmen and will pour a highball like nothing else!

ManCrates has a wide variety of options including, but not limited to, the “Whiskey Connoisseur Crate” pictured below, a “Baconology Kit,” an “NFL Barware Crate,” and a “Caffeine Fiend Crate”.

 A fun and unique gift for any groomsman is the man crate.

whiskey_connoisseur_01__92349.1417223420.702.702And of course, you can always go for apparel!

Giving your groomsmen ties, socks, or cufflinks that can also be worn day-of is a great option. Not only do gifts like these show your appreciation by offsetting groomsmen outfit costs, they give you all something fun to wear both at the wedding and in the future.

The Tie Bar has it all! Great bow ties, ties, socks, cufflinks, and more.

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All Tied Up

September 11, 2014. Category: groom, groomsmen

Almost every weekend,  groomsmen run into trouble when the time comes to suit up. While, the team here at A. Dominick Events is always willing to help, here is a step-by-step video on how to tie a bow tie.

Brought to you by Alton Brown.


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Groomsman Gift

July 29, 2014. Category: gifts, groom, groomsmen

Finding the perfect groomsman gift may be a daunting task for any guy.  You want to find something unique and exciting, but also a gift that can be used for years to come.

With UniCuffs, a groom can find a variety of “mismatched cufflinks” to go with the style of any groomsman.  From your favorite sports team, to beer mug and golf club cuff links; UniCuffs offers some great styles and options that are reasonably priced.  UniCuffs not only bring a sentimental component to a groomsman gift, but can add some excitement to a suit of any kind.

Here are some of our favorite UniCuff’s:


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