The Stylisted

May 13, 2016. Category: beauty, hair

Who wouldn’t love to have their hair blown out or have their makeup done before attending a wedding, a charity event or even date night without having to run to the salon or the beauty counter?! Even better, image it was possible to have it done in the comfort of your own home or hotel room with just a click of a button. Well look no further than the amazing service known as the Stylisted!

The Stylisted is an online platform that allows women to book in-home hair styling and makeup appointments online or via an App from a network of vetted beauty professionals. Gone are the days of rushing to-and-from the salon in rain and high humidity before a big event. Skip the salon, select the best professional for your needs, and wait for beauty to knock at your door!

These services are offered in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and now Washington DC!

Our very own Aimee Dominick decided to try it out. She booked and appointment and a stylist arrived at her home armed with an array of makeup and hair tools. In about an hour and a half later her hair and makeup were professionally done in the comfort of her own home and she was ready to go!  



Hair & Makeup: The Stylisted   Photography: Robert Chicoine 

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Glam Squad

June 02, 2015. Category: bridesmaid gifts, hair

Hair and makeup is a very fun time for you and your bridesmaids. Here are a few of our tips to make the most of this time and ensure your hair and makeup will look perfect all night.


Photography by: Bonnie Sen

Wear something easy to take off.

You will want to change into your dress without ruining your hair and makeup. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of pictures taken before you put your dress on so wear something cute. Robes and button downs can be an easy and cute option, and can even serve as a gift for your bridesmaids.

 getting ready

Photography by: Vicki Grafton

Arrive with day old, clean and dry hair as well as clean and moisturized skin.

Day old hair holds curls and styling for a longer period of time. If you have very oily hair, wash your hair and let it air dry. Also remember to come with clean and moisturized skin. This allows for flawless and smooth makeup application


Photography by: Abby Jiu

Bring food and water for you and your bridal party.

Being prepared with snacks for the long day ahead will keep everyone refreshed and energetic.

Plan any skin treatments at least a week in advance.

If you’re planning to wax or thread any facial hair or get a facial, do so a week before your big day. Sometimes an allergic reaction from the hair removal or the skin products can occur and leave redness and rashes. Give your skin time to heal before your wedding.

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Join Garnish Boutique & Amie Decker for Styling Nights

January 05, 2015. Category: hair, weddings

Are you looking for that perfect bling or bauble to complete your wedding day look? Would you like to hear from an expert on how these pieces should be styled? The gals of Garnish Boutique and Amie Decker Beauty have joined forces to help local brides put the final touches on their wedding day looks.

Join them for their upcoming STYLING NIGHT events on Jan 20thFeb 3rdFeb 24thMarch 10th and March 31st between 6-8 pm.

This is a great opportunity to browse an incredible selection of veils, jewelry, belts, sashes, birdcages, statement necklaces and hairpieces to complete your wedding day look all while sipping champagne and chatting with other bride’s -to-be.

Amie Decker Beauty will offer 30 minute hair and beauty styling sessions as well as the opportunity to book with them for your upcoming event. As an added perk Garnish Boutique will offer 15% off of all accessories purchased during the events.

These are personalized styling experiences so please make an appointment by calling Garnish Boutique at 410.321.1406 or emailing to Bring your best ladies and prepare for a fun evening of bridal beauty!

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February 28, 2012. Category: hair
Today we had the privilege of an in-office hair and makeup lesson with Remona Soleimani and Nour Kazoun! We learned so much from the ladies and even got our hair and makeup done! It is important to be prepared for your bridal day hair and makeup session so they gave us the tips below

Remona suggests washing and blow drying your hair after the rehearsal dinner the night before rather than the morning of. However, if you have greasy hair you may want to wash, blow dry, and apply some mousse to your hair the morning of. Just remember not to straighten or style! 
Also wash and moisturize your face that morning with the products you usually use to avoid having a reaction on the big day. Your bridal makeup will typically last six to eight hours, but your blush will start disappearing so it is important to keep a rosy and a coral blush on hand. You’ll also want hairspray and lip color, which most hair and makeup artists will give you as part of a touch-up kit. It is important to use the same lip color all day and night rather than using something that just looks close. 
 Even brides that aren’t usually over-emotional can’t help crying as they hear their groom declare his love at the altar or dance with their father at the reception. The key is not to swipe away your tears! Instead, blot your eyes with one finger inside a tissue or hold the tissue in your tear duct to soak up the moisture. If tears are running down your face, blot with your finger and the makeup will naturally blend back in. If you’re really sobbing and your make up gets messed up there is a solution! 
Nour loves Neutrogena makeup wipes, especially the purple night calming ones. Take one and dab to fix your makeup, or wipe to clean your makeup off. Blot films are another great item to keep around, especially for a summer wedding. They remove the oil without removing your makeup and will prevent you from looking shiny in photos. If you don’t have an oily complexion, blot powder (medium shade is good for most skin tones) applied between your photos and ceremony or your ceremony and reception might give your skin a perk, but use a sponge.
 If you’re wondering what you can do before your wedding to look better on your special day, Nour stresses getting facials. Ideally brides should start getting facials every three weeks beginning six months before their wedding.

Okay that was a ton of info.  If you want the one on one treatment be sure to connect with Remona and Nour yourself!

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Let your hair down

February 06, 2010. Category: hair

Image by Kate Headley

Looking (or ready) for a fun outing with your bridesmaids? How about taking a private class with Giselle of Elegant Hair by Giselle. Widely regarded as THE wedding hair expert in the DC area, she is offering one hour classes for $125. In return? Learn at least 3 new styles that you can recreate yourself — or ask one of your girls to do for you. Beauty School drop-out? I think not
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