Intern Spotlight!

July 20, 2017. Category: A. Dominick Events Team, Intern Spotlight

We are incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful intern spend her summer with us. Today  we are turning the spotlight on her, so you can all learn a little bit more about who she is and why she wanted to intern at A. Dominick Events.

Meet Carson Smith.

Where are you from: Yardley, Pennsylvania — about 30 minutes south of Philadelphia

Where are you at school: I am a senior in the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University

Did you always want to be in the events industry: Growing up, I always had an interest in event planning and interior designing. I love the creative aspect of event planning and the diversity of it — no event is ever identical. Therefore, not a single day is ever the same (it’s not a cookie cutter job).

I started my time at Penn State in the Division of Undergraduate Studies and exploring major possibilities. I ended up in the business school (management information systems) with a minor in marketing. Although I will graduate with a business degree, I really see myself in the events industry once I graduate.

As the director of fundraising in my professional business fraternity at school, I am in charge of creating and orchestrating numerous events throughout my college experience. Obviously, they don’t come close to the events that A. Dominick Events create. But I am looking forward to returning to Penn State this upcoming fall and applying the skills I have learned this summer to my fundraising events.

What has been your favorite part of your internship so far: This internship, without a doubt, has been the most rewarding, interesting and exciting job I have ever had. My favorite part is how active the position is. While I spend some days in the office, I often attend meetings and networking events with the team throughout the week at various different locations.

The team is also so hands on and really good at teaching me the ins and outs of the business throughout the meetings, events, and days in the office. Even if the information they’re giving me has nothing to do with the project i’m working on — or a project i’ll ever work on during my time here — they still teach me anyways.

Most of all, I have been incredibly taken back by the whole process. Aimee, Cindy and Ashley are all so talented at what they do. I am learning so much from the A. Dominick Events team — not only event planning skills but also life skills. Their taste, attention to detail, knowledge, and organization skills are exceptional. Not to mention the constant flow of communication they have with each other as well as countless vendors and clients at a given time is quite impressive.

What has been your favorite moment during your internship so far: I don’t think I can pinpoint just one moment — but I would say that being able to attend these events after working on them for weeks in the office is incredible. It’s remarkable seeing a portfolio of pages transform into a vibrant, beautiful event. It’s truly rewarding seeing everything come together. Especially that moment right before the guests start arriving — when all the people who have worked so hard to create the event can take in the finished product.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received texts saying, “I want your job”  after I have sent pictures of the events to my friends. Just being able to say “I love my internship” is the best thing in the world.

We love you Carson!!


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August 09, 2016. Category: Intern Spotlight, internship

We were so lucky to have such a wonderful intern spend her summer with us! So, before she leaves and heads back to school we thought it would be fun to see what some of her favorite moments were while she was at A. Dominick Events.

Meet Jillian Loeffler


Where are you from: Ellicott City, Maryland

Where are you at school: I will be a senior at The University of Delaware this fall!

Did you always want to be in the events industry: I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do in high school or even during my first year of college for that matter. My sophomore year of college, I was elected to my sorority’s executive board as the Vice President of Public Relations, which is what first sparked my interest in events. Through this position I had the responsibility of planning and executing various chapter events, and I realized that it didn’t feel like a job to me. I thoroughly enjoyed every step of the planning process, as well as being able to combine creativity with organizational skills. This experience really helped me discover that I wanted to pursue a career in this industry.

What has been your favorite part of your internship: I absolutely love that event planning isn’t monotonous. Each day is different, and every event is different, which adds an exciting aspect to the job that really sets it apart from other careers.

What was your favorite moment during your internship: My favorite highlight was definitely attending my first wedding at the Newseum. Being able to work on-site and witness each specific detail come together for the big day really emphasized the rewarding aspect of event planning. The fast pace of the day-of operations really showed how crucial an event planner is in making the day run as smoothly as possible.


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Intern Spotlight!

December 11, 2015. Category: Intern Spotlight

We are so lucky to have interns spend their fall semester with us and today we wanted to turn the spotlight on them before they leave us!

Alison Lee

Where are you from: Philadelphia, PA

Where are you at school: I’m a senior at American University in Washington, D.C.

Did you always want to be in the events industry: No, I initially wanted to become an art curator or an art educator. I became interested in the events industry after I had the privilege of interning with the Special Events Department at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I absolutely loved the detailing and organizational aspects involved in preparing as well as the fast pace of events. Since then, I’ve wanted to be a part of the events industry.

What has been your favorite part of your internship: My favorite part of this internship is definitely being able to attend the events. It’s such a great feeling to be able to see everything come together after weeks of preparation. Every event is different, so it’s a nice change of scenery.

What was your favorite moment during your internship: I love that event planning isn’t a full-time desk job. My favorite moments have definitely been preparing the physical favors, like wedding baskets and stuffing invitations. It allows you to add your own touch and some creativity to the overall design of the items.

Chloe Rock

Where are you from:  Hunt Valley, MD. 

Where are you at school: I’m currently a student at the University of Maryland, College Park, but I am graduating in a couple of weeks, so I’m at the home stretch!

Did you always want to be in the events industry: I realized I wanted to be in this industry while I was a student at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. I would walk around the city on the weekends and I would see bridal parties taking pictures left and right. It was all so glamorous. That’s when I knew I wanted to help brides plan their big day. 

What has been your favorite part of your internship: Coming into the office and feeling like I’m at home is my favorite part of my internship. I love walking through the office door every morning because I know I’m always going to have a good time with everyone. There’s so much positive energy in the office, I actually think it’s impossible for me to be anything but happy when I’m here. 

What was your favorite moment during your internship: Working on-site at one of our October weddings was definitely the highlight of my experience here. It was so rewarding to see how all of the work we do at the office was translated into “day-of” operations. 

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