Sweating for the Wedding

August 04, 2015. Category: shape up

Many brides set fitness goals in the weeks or months leading up to their weddings, but as we know well, finding the time (and motivation) to meet those goals can be tricky. Below are a few of our favorite new workouts!


Also known as “high-intensity interval training” these workouts are amazing at burning fat even after you’ve completed the workout. How does it work? HIIT workouts have you alternating between maximum effort or high-intensity exercises (think: running on the treadmill at 90% of your max heart-rate, or doing jumping jacks for 30 seconds) and resting periods (anything from slowly walking to doing nothing at all). HIIT applies to both cardio and weight-lifting and will have the same awesome effects no matter which style you try.  Check out some examples of HIIT workouts here, here, or here.

Surf Set 

Brides who are fans of the TV show Shark Tank might recognize this new exercise plan. These workouts mimic what it is like to surf on actual water to improve not only your balance and surfing abilities but any other kind of exercise as well. Check out this interview about Surfset here or jump right on board and start working out with these videos.


If all that wedding planning is stressing you out, grab a friend and head to your nearest Zumba class. This extremely popular Latin-dance inspired workout lets you have fun while working your entire body. The average person burns between 600 and 1000 calories per Zumba class! One very important thing to remember about Zumba, though, is that every class and every instructor will be different. You may need to try out a few before you find your favorite class and instructor. Check out this list of DC-area Zumba classes.

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La dolce vita

October 05, 2009. Category: shape up

All of our brides are beautiful, but our most recent bride was in amazing shape. When I asked she told me her secret was cutting out sweets except for sweet riot. These little chocolates satisfied her sweet craving for just a few calories. I ran out to get some for myself and they are yummy! The only trick is keeping them away from my husband.

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