So Long Summer!

August 30, 2013. Category: event, real wedding, video, weddings
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Something Borrowed, Someone Blue

October 17, 2012. Category: video, weddings
I often tell brides that they should consider a wedding video even if they think they don’t want one. 
There are tons of reasons but one that most brides never think of is the post-wedding blues. 
You’ve spend the last year of your life busy with wedding meeting, showers, engagement parties 
and generally being the center of attention.  
Then you get back from your honeymoon and it’s all…over.  

Then your video comes!!  
We just received this video from Lizzie and Nate’s wedding and it is like being there all over again.  
Kirby Martin Cinematography did a spectacular job.  
I think you’ll agree.
Lizzie & Nate – 11.5.11 – mini-feature from Kirby Martin Cinematography on Vimeo.
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The Sky’s the Limit

March 02, 2012. Category: charlottesville, video
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3,2,1 Action!

May 12, 2011. Category: video


So, I have to admit, we haven’t tried this at one of our weddings yet, but it’s such a cute idea!  The company is called They send you 5 videos cameras for your friends to shoot your wedding.  You send them back after the big day and they edit it into a video. While there is no replacement for a professional videographer, this could be perfect for couple on a tight budget that still wants a video keepsake. Check it out!

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What can I say?

July 23, 2010. Category: video
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