Do you have a wedding rain plan?

February 10, 2017. Category: advice, rain plan, real wedding, wedding tips

Let’s face it, we don’t live in California.  In this region the weather is unpredictable, and if any portion of your wedding is outdoors, you need a solid rain plan!

Since today is national umbrella day, we could’t think of a better time to discuss your options. Sometimes a tent is the best solution as it often allows you to still be in the space you initially wanted to have your ceremony or reception but it is just undercover.

Photography: Bonnie Sen 

If tenting is not an option, then make sure the room or space that is available for your ceremony or reception is something that you won’t regret.

Photography: Kate Headley

However, try not to worry too much about the weather, unfortunately it really is out of your control but knowing what your options are will alliviate some concerns if inclement weather conditions arise.

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