Eat, drink and be scary!

October 28, 2015. Category: Halloween

As halloween is is only a few days away make sure to check out a few party tips from our very own Aimee Dominick on how to host a spooktacular bash!

Photo Credit: Aimee’s mantel all set up for her Halloween party!

1. Require Costumes! Even for grown ups. If all guests are in costume, guests don’t feel as silly and thinking of a costume, really helps to build anticipation for the guests.

2. If you are having a kid and adult party, be sure to have plenty of activities and a few helpers (babysitters) to run them, so adults can have fun too.

3. Prepare all food in advance so you can really be present and have fun!

4. Don’t over load kids with too much candy.They will get so much trick or treating. Instead focus on Savory treats, like chips and goldfish.



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