Not shabby, just chic

November 16, 2009. Category: decor

If you check in with us often, you know I am much more of the useful info kind of blogger. That said, once in a while it is fun to show you how we gather inspiration for our weddings. Like most of you we read all the magazines and many blogs to come up with ideas for our events. We also have the benefit of attending loads of events and talking endlessly with our clients about their style and inspiration. One of our amazing brides is having her reception at the Newseum this spring but instead of having the contemporary design you would expect in that space, she wants to embrace the more rustic elegant look that so many of you are trying to achieve. The photos above are a few images that we are using for inspiration including the chalkboard instead of escort cards, found objects and a display of terrariums. Maybe you will use one of our ideas for your big day.

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