Bicoastal Romance

Featured in Washingtonian Bride & Groom

Mary and Laurie’s Newseum wedding was the final step in a bicoastal love story. Throughout their entire relationship Mary has lived in Washington DC and Laurie in San Francisco. Just about every weekend one of them makes the cross country flight to be together, raking up countless airline miles and actual red eyes. On Friday, June 26th, 2015, Mary and Laurie were together in San Francisco anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage. Just a few hours after the ruling was announced, Laurie called Mary’s mom to ask for her hand in marriage and then proposed that same day.

Just under a year later, Mary and Laurie were married on the Newseum terrace overlooking Capitol Hill, a tribute to those on the hill that contributed to court ruling that impacted their life so much. Mary and Laurie’s wedding was filled with lots of family and friends happy to see the day come and personal details telling their love story, such as the escort card wall that was a map of DC and San Fran and airport code table names from places they have traveled together.

Photography by K. Thompson
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