March 24, 2010. Category: catering

No, I am not opening a political debate – just pontificating about how your guests will be presented with the entree on the big day.

It can be a difficult thing to choose one meal that will make 100 people from far flung states and a range of ages all happy. The truth is, you will never make everyone happy, but should try to please as many as possible.
If you decide to give the guests a choice ahead of time, you will have to list the options on the invitation. I admit, this is not my favorite. I think is can look a bit tacky, but if you have to do it, make sure that your guests have to indicate who ordered which dish. There is nothing less elegant than a waiter holding a plate asking did you have the fish?
Table side ordering is a possibility at many hotels, but is an expensive endeavor and requires more time for the kitchen to prepare. One of our brides will be having an extra course and a dance set so the chef can cook her guests meals. An elegant experience to be sure, but not for every bride.
So neither feels right, what are you to do? Many are opting for a duo. This means every guest will get two proteins on one plate. Being DC, we see lots of crab cake and steak. Let’s face it, it’s a classic for a reason!
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