Where to Start with Nail Art

June 21, 2013. Category: how to, trends

We love the Nail Art trend, but have yet to find a local salon with a ton of talent to create a look for your big day.  Giving it a go on your own is a great option. “Nail Art” can be intimidating at first, but we have found that Essie.com has the best way of breaking down how to make a home made manicure look professionally done. Here are some fun summer ideas!

For the Summer Wedding:

For a Fourth of July BBQ:

A simple way to show how patriotic you are at a fourth of july barbecue. The colors used are Essie’s “In Head Mistress”, Essie’s “Mesmerize” and Essie’s “Blanc”.

For a Summer Concert:

This adorable creme de menthe polish dotted with opulent dark green mixes up a flirtatious retro a-go-go look that’s always in style.




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