Which Wedding Theme is the perfect one for you?

August 24, 2015. Category: inspiration, planning, theme

When planning your wedding it can be overwhelming to decide what you want your overall theme to be and bringing your vision to life can be a challenge!

Fortunately, the wonderful team at Wedding Paper Divas put together a great quiz to help you decide what wedding theme would be the perfect fit!

 Are you Classic, Modern, Beach, Vintage or Rustic? 

Click on the link to find out! http://www.weddingpaperdivas.com/quiz/wedding-themes.htm

We thought it would be fun for our team to take the quiz to see what we would each get, see our results below…

Aimee: “You’re inspired by aquamarine waters and colorful seashells—not to mention delicious tropical cuisine and drinks with tiny umbrellas.”

Cindy: “You love simple and polished, and believe it’s the little details of a classic theme that will make the day exciting.”

Ashley: “You love all the new wedding trends—bright colors and geometric patterns are calling your name.”

Debby: ” You appreciate heirloom touches like your grandmother’s lace veil, China place settings and old-school cocktails.”

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