Wrap it Up

August 03, 2012. Category: dress, how to

Your big day is over. Now, what do you do with your dress?

We had the pleasure of meeting with a representative from J. Scheer & Co. who specialize in gown preservation. If you’re paying thousands of dollars for your wedding dress you may as well pay a few hundred more to preserve it, right? Once you ship the dress to them, they clean, iron, and repair it before using acid-free archival wrapping materials and boxes to protect against humidity, insects, light, and other variables.

J. Scheer works with museums, collectors, designers, and salons to make sure they use the best treatment and conservation plan for your gown. They are so sure of their service that they even offer a fifty-year guarantee. Best of all, if you are one of our brides, you get a discount!


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