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May 02, 2014. Category: how to, Invitations

Some of the knowledge we have about weddings seems kind of antiquated – how should everyone know that 6:00pm means black tie?  But, it is our job to research and know the correct etiquette on just about everything.  So how are you supposed to stuff an invitation?

Just like a wedding cake, wedding invitations are assembled in size order with the largest on the bottom and the smallest layer on the top.

It’s best to start with the invitation, likely your largest piece, which will be placed at the bottom.  Next you’ll tuck the reply card (face side up) underneath the flap of the reply envelope and set this on top of the invitation.  You should also remember to stamp this envelope and very lightly number the back of the card in correspondence with the number next to the guest’s name on your master guest list.

A great diagram for putting together your invitations

If you have a reception card this would be placed next, followed by any additional cards for a rehearsal dinner or accommodations ordered by size.  This stack is all inserted face up into the inner envelope so it’s visible immediately.  The inner envelope is then placed inside the outer envelope with the guest’s name facing the back so they’re seen first when the envelope is opened, although the outer envelope is optional.

Once you’ve checked the contents of your invitations, making sure everything is as you ordered, six to eight weeks before your wedding you can begin checking postage and putting the invitations together.  To make sure everything is perfect we’d suggest you triple check your invitations, if possible by three different people.

Our last tip is to consider having your invitations hand canceled at the post office.  This keeps your invitations from going through postage machines where they are printed with barcodes and could be bent or damaged.

A beautiful invitation from Cheree Berry Paper

Or you could hire a team of talented planners to do it all for you.  Just saying…

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